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Curling? Anyone?


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I know our PHE teacher at work says it's not a sport. 


I HATED curling when I was young...my parents watched/played it and I thought "what a dumb sport...a bunch of people yelling at each other? SWEEP, HARDER!!?" It annoyed me and sounded like hell. But it's very strategic and even throwing guards out there made no sense until I understood it. I thought they just sucked and missed the shot/house.


Anyhow, watching Holman (my favourite) vs Einarson. Always a good match.


Wondering if anyone else ever watches curling.

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I really enjoyed playing it when I was a kid and we were taken to the Burnaby rink on Canada Way. 

I wanted to play it more later on in my early adulthood too but there weren’t enough friends that were on board. 

It’s definitely amongst my favourite events to watch during the Olympics. 

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