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[Discussion] Goalie mask artwork

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Saw this on Tik Tok and thought I’d share the link. Will see what else I can find to post from other sources, but this Jacob Markstrom Johnny Cash themed mask is pretty cool, and shows how talented some of the artists are and how much detail goes into their work. Video is worth a watch. Links to Tik Tok and the artists IG account below.












Flames' Markstrom will wear Johnny Cash-themed goalie mask this season


For the better part of the last two decades, Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” has been the Calgary Flames’ official win song.


Now, goalie Jacob Markstrom is paying tribute to the country legend with a unique nod of his own.


Over the past few weeks, Canadian artist Jordon Bourgeault of JBo Airbrush has been posting videos teasing the art displayed on the Swedish netminder’s new mask.


And the bold new design features not one but two images of Cash.


It also has Markstrom’s No. 25 at the forefront, along with a few other Flames-related touches.



With some admirers already nicknaming the signature piece of equipment, the “Ring of Fire” mask, the comments section on the artist’s latest video of his progress included a lot of excited fans.


“Another masterpiece is coming,” one user wrote.


“You’re a genius,” another chimed in.

This is not the first time Bourgeault makes something the 33-year-old netminder, though. He was the man behind Markstrom’s iconic pair of flaming skull masks that the goalie debuted in 2021.

Bourgeault also created the cyborg-themed mask Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price wore during the 2020-2021 season.

As for when we’ll get to see Markstrom’s new lid in action, hopefully, it’ll be ready for the start of the season in October.

Markstrom, along with many of his Calgary teammates, is hoping for a bounce-back season after what was a rough 2022-23 campaign.


The veteran netminder ended the year with a disappointing 2.92 goals against average (GAA) along with a .892 save percentage (SV%) and a 23-21-12 record in 59 appearances.


If things turn around for him and the Flames, fans will get to see and hear “Ring of Fire” on a regular basis.



Al Sciola



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From the CLASSIC movie Youngblood:




Stupid tradition:

every Thanksgiving I name the turkey Racki and come dinner time I quote the line from the movie: “I’ll carve you up, Racki” while pointing the knife at it. 


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35 minutes ago, xMagnus said:

Side note. Markstrom had some really lame masks when he was here. That one with the ears was sooo not it.


This one is sick though. Seems he's got some style since arriving in Calgary.USATSI_19638316-scaled-e1674066432800-1024x682.thumb.jpg.c9d5afabd0dfebdad47d8175830b0913.jpg

Yeah, wish he would have had something this sick while he was here. 

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