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Ever Won A Contest?


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I don't usually enter them but as I pulled into a parking lot one day in July, they had a contest on the Fox and I immediately knew the answer. 

They played a small clip of a song....Candlebox's "Far Behind". Was weird because I'd just played it (posted it here maybe?) a day or two before.


I was just about to shut the car off and had my phone right there so I called in. And, to my surprise, got through! 


As it turned out, I won. Tickets to two concerts, Matt Good and Royal Blood.  


FF to the end of September and I still had no tickets. Matt's show was on the 28th and I'd unsuccessfully called to try and get some answer about the tickets a few times leading up to it. One woman on the 2nd of September said the tickets should arrive by the 9th...came/went. No tickets.


Two days before the show I had a friend (who is a friend of Matt's) coming in from Arizone and he and I were trying to connect for the show. I had no tickets yet, so no answers for him. I was starting to get kind of pissy and feeling very Karen about  it all. I called and was told to call the Commodore directly to see if I was "on the list" - I did and I wasn't. But they were super nice and promised to try to help the day of if I still didn't have tickets. Unlike the promotions manager at the Fox who I won't name...but was a complete cow. No wait, I like cows. She was a giant turd. Extremely rude and unhelpful...almost throwing unwarranted anger towards ME for wanting answers. Like I was being impatient or something. She had nothing to offer in regard to answers. I gave up. Not sure how she got the job but she did anything BUT promote the station by her actions. She was an absolute b.


The day of the show arrived and, lo and behold, my tickets did as well (via email). By that time, my friend had said "don't worry, you're in" but it was such a clusterf of a deal that I'd lost steam and motivation to go. I have stuff going on with my Dad and was just...depleted. Dan went to the show and sent me pics (and I wished I had gone with him). But the entire ordeal was just draining...checking email every day (which I never would normally do)...spam, other folders, etc. 


So I'm not even going to worry about the Royal Blood tickets or waste any effort on looking for them. I'm going to assume more of the same and plan on not going. I don't know this band anyhow so whatever.


But yeah...the entire deal with the Fox was a complete sh show. I like to plan ahead a day or two and  it would've been nice if they'd told me back in July "your tickets will arrive the night before the show". I wouldn't know what to expect and not wasted so much time and effort trying to chase them down. When I won the contest she said "make sure to check your email and your spam folder". So I did...from July onward.


So I've "won" a contest on the Fox and can't enter another one. Wouldn't anyhow.


I love that station (especially the silly banter...Karen's one of my favourites). But their promotional department sucks.


I think I'll go back to not entering contests. 


Although, in the past I have won:


A bike

Tickets to the Lions' WF game (2011)

then...tickets to the Grey Cup that year (2011) in a separate contest.


Have you ever won anything? LOL... and, if so, did you actually get your prize?



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My Mom won a 1996 Ford Escort.

Got a phone call, during her dinner, to tell her she had won.

She asks "So how many pens or whatever do I have to buy? By the way, I'm eating dinner right now; can you call me back later, when I have time to listen to your B.S. sales pitch?".

Silence on the other end, till the voice says " Would it help if I told you, that Gar Bruce sold you the ticket?".


Mom "Holy shit, I just won a car!!" lol

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Not a contest but I won $25,000 on Keno a few years ago....and $20,000 on a Bingo scratch and win ticket 30 years ago.



I win on Keno all the time paying the diamond pattern play.  About 7 months ago I won $8,000 in 6 weeks.



Got 3/4 on the extras a few times.  The last time the 4th number was 1 away and it would have been $500,000 instead of $1,000



The horseshoes up my ass are hard to sit on sometimes.

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