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Which Would You Choose?


Which would you choose?  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. You can only go to one game all year

    • I gotta go home with the W! Bring on a bottom feeder!
    • I wanna see a tight battle between two tough teams but would prefer a win as well. Gimme a middle of pack contender
    • Always wanna beat the best to be the best! Bring on whoever's lighting up the league at the midway point
    • I'd always pick one of our most hated divisional rivals regardless of anything else
    • Gotta be the lowly laffs. Love beating those ba&%^*#s
    • Other

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I have taken my kids to two games both really boring L's....we wanna see a win!  Give me the bottom feeder.  Don't care if I hear the "Woo" so many times the word loses all meaning.

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I always try to attend the games vs the top teams.  A lot of them are good value too.  Teams like Dallas, Carolina, New Jersey.  

I don't think I have ever been to a Leafs game, it's so overpriced.  I don't mind having some leaf fan subsidize my season tickets to this game.

The worse games to go to are the Duck, Sharks, or Coyotes.  


But I guess if I could only go to one this year it would be Florida.  

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Every Canucks game I have been too the Canucks won. The first game I went to was a pre-season game in Edmonton Canucks won 2-1 back when Cory Schneider was up and coming goalie before he landed the backup role. Forget who the guy was for Edmonton but he spent half the game in the box and kept giving us weird looks lol. My wife was 6 months pregnant at the time. this was in 2008 Canucks won that game 2-1 in overtime I think?


Second game I went too Vancouver played Montreal and it was a blow out back when they were deep playoff team with Carey Price, PK Subban and such Canucks beat them 7-1, 2 guys (Montreal fans) sitting in front of us were cheering so hard and by the end of the game they took their Jerseys off lol. This game was particularly annoying because we missed the first 15 minutes of the game as we flew in from Whitehorse late. Our flight was delayed all day. We were afraid we were going to miss the game. After all that we forgot our Jerseys in our luggage as my mom took our luggage to her place for us. Anyway during the intermission I bought a brand new Daniel Sedin Jersey and my father-in-law and wife thought it was funny as I kept joking that I had my Jersey even though it was in our luggage with my mom. This was in the 2009-2010 Season Oct 7th


The last game I went to was against the Carolina Hurricanes in 2011 and Canucks won 5-1


Its not to often I go but the Canucks win whenever I do 🤣

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Thanks to all who cast votes and replied. I ended up going to the Dallas game Saturday night and had such a blast I followed up with buying a prorated 1/4 season pack and will be going to (at least) another 9 games in the months ahead as well as at least one game each playoff round!

Package has a nice balance of tough competition as well as divisional matchups with playoff implications in March. Next up for me is Vegas at the end of November 😎


I’ve only ever gone to more than one game/season once before so this is super exciting!!


Go :canucks:anucks GO!!!

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