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Proposal (Van/ Cal)

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41 minutes ago, Miss Korea said:

To Calgary: $10.5M in cap

To Vancouver: $9M in cap


Calgary has exactly zero dollars in cap space before this trade.

Calgary has $749k in cap space from their LTIR relief, per Capfriendly, but not enough to do this deal as proposed. Would require a little bit retained on Myers or Beau's contract to make it work.

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6 hours ago, Rypien-Punch said:

To Calgary - Myers, Bouviller, Willander, Woo, 2024 1st, 2025 1st 


To Vancouver - Anderson, Tanev 



Mikheyev Kuzmenko Pettersson 

DiGiseppe Miller Boeser 

Joshua Suter Garland 

Hoglander Blueger Lafferty 


Hughes Hronek 

Coleman Anderson

Soucy Tanev 


I agree that the Canucks should probably be more aggressive in terms of making a push towards being an elite team, but giving up both a 20241st and 2025 1st (along with Willander, who is our 2023 1st) is too aggressive........and could put us in future peril (hello San Jose :-)).    


You have to keep filling that pipeline even if you're being aggressive.   I don't see why Calgary moves two of their RD's.   


Sorry brother but this proposal doesn't make much sense to me.  

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On 11/4/2023 at 6:27 PM, Rypien-Punch said:

To Calgary - Myers, Bouviller, Willander, Woo, 2024 1st, 2025 1st 


To Vancouver - Anderson, Tanev

I like the idea, but no chance if I was making the decision. 


I know our team is off to a hot start and I'm pumped, but we need to chill on the go all in proposals I'm seeing. Giving up 2 1st round picks plus our (arguably) top prospect is just way too much. 


Anderson is great I agree, but the cost is wild here. Tanev is also older and about to be a UFA.  

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That's a bit wild to be honest but we could target a defenceman and a forward for a playoff push.


TO VAN: One of Hanifin (preference), Anderson or Zadorov + Mangiapagne

TO CGY: 1st this year, 1st next year + Myers + Beauvillier + Woo


We probably have to retain a bit on Myers and Beau but it doesn't matter, their deals are up. Calgary do this to start an instant rebuild. If Woo isn't enough give them one of our many defensive prospects from last year not-named Willander. Hanifin may well walk, Mang only has a year left after this.


Meanwhile the Canucks get a 5.8M winger who can drop 20-30 goals in a limited role and has some good speed, basically a smaller Mikheyev/more useful Garland for some depth scoring, and a good defenceman. I think we should avoid Tanev - he's far too old now and you know if he comes back he'll end up on LTIR. Anderson is a puck mover on the right which we don't really need considering we have the two highest scoring defencemen in the league. I would entertain Zadorov but then surely we don't have to give up two firsts. Hanifin is the big fish here. He's a top pairing defensive LD who can put up 30 points comfortably, is still very young (26) so fits our core of Hughes and Hronek on the back end and then when Willander is ready, he slips right in. Hanifin takes more defensive match-ups and PK, Hughes takes everything else. It's not over-kill, it's acquiring quality depth. Plus, Cole will surely move on sooner rather than later.

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