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Shorty and Cheech together again on Saturday, just not for the Canucks game

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What a bunch of crap........




There is good news and bad news for Vancouver Canucks fans this weekend. 
The two Johns – Shorthouse and Garrett – the wildly popular broadcast duo that described games and entertained viewers on Canucks broadcasts on Rogers Sportsnet for 15 years will be working together once again on Saturday night.
That’s the good news. Incredible news, really.
The bad news is that they’ll be calling the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens game from Bell Centre at the same time the Canucks take on the Maple Leafs at Scotiabank Arena in the featured game on Hockey Night in Canada.
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29 minutes ago, Miss Korea said:

Boston games again.  The playoffs, and now this.  Come on.


It's like in school when your favourite retired sub comes in teaches your worst enemy instead of you.


Wait, what ... is this for real? No one has ever really expressed this feeling ever have they?


They should make this a movie. 🤣


What ... lol 

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As much as I loved the 2 Johns, I enjoyed last night with Shorty and Ferraro. They have a chemistry on a more personal level that made for some good banter; as was with Cheech. To be honest, DT seems to lack that aspect as Shorty's partner.


I dunno. Tomlinson's just not there yet. Perhaps he's gotta get used to TV cameras rather than just a mic. He seemed to come off like he was out of his element in the After Hours segment last week. And he seems too much into analyzing and his timing seems a tad off. I'm sure he'll get better.

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