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OMG Wind! Thread


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I merged into this one as it had more activity.


It was wild....I really hate it because I have "wind trauma".


Goes way back to when it was a super stormy night and Dad was a fisherman out on the West Coast. Their boat (full of fish but heavier on one side) was hit/overturned by a rogue wave in a windstorm and I remember the phone call in the wee hours with Mom crying. I was too young to know what was happening but did hear her say "The boat sank?.....is everyone alive?".


Dad was lucky....his leg was crushed, bones in fragments and he was in the water! His crew mates grabbed him, soaking wet, and pulled him into the lifeboat and took him to shore (they weren't too far offshore due to the storm). A nice property owner on the coast knocked down his fence so the ambulance could come onto his beachfront property to get Dad.


I hate wind. Just stirs up very anxious feelings.

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Multiple brownouts up in Powell River, ended up unplugging all the expensive electronics and listening to the bedside clock radio- Not exactly high calibre sound.

And my old I phone 4, is shrinking to the point, the chess game is getting hard to see. 🙂


Only plus side is, now the stereo is unplugged, I have no more excuses for not moving it into the corner, instead of against the long wall.

Should have that done in time for the CFL games.

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Wind gusts of 70-90 km expected for Sunshine Coast area late tomorrow morning and into the evening.

I'm thinking Victoria is also going to get hammered, as a separate warning says waves up to 21 feet tall are coming in.-Wave warning for west coast of Vancouver Island as well.

Check your batteries and get some food you won't have to cook to eat.

p.s.- my folks had to get new flashlights, today, as the batteries in the old ones had corroded and ruined the flashlight.-so double check your own.

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