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Nuckville [Proposal]

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Since I talked about it I figured I'd throw some crap at the wall. 


To Nash - Beau + 3rd 


TO Van - Jeremy Lauzon + Cole Smith


Cole Smith and Lauzon are exactly what we lack if we are serious about making a playoff push we need the kind of sandpaper they provide. We also gain +2m cap space for a future move at the deadline where I'm sure we will be shopping our 1st. 


I feel like Beau would have a great opportunity in Nash and could actually stick there while they re tool. I really like the feistiness of their prospect pool with Kemell, Schaefer, Lind, L'Heureux, the future is bright and gritty in Nashville. 


Mik Pete Kuzia 

Garland Miller Brock 

Hoglander Suter Di G

Smith  Beluger Lafferty/Joshua


Hughes Hronek

Soucy Cole 

Lauzon Myers

Friedman Juulsson





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If they do it, I'd be down.  Those are the kinds of pieces I'd like to add, plus we'd free up cap which is a plus.
Not sure who they would take out to slot in Beau but they have a couple of good centers (ROR, Novak, Glass) so if he finds chemistry with one he can probably be a good depth scorer behind Forsberg and Evangelista.

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