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Plan Deadline [Proposal]

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Plan A:


With our new found wealth we have the option to obviously acquire Bear at a no asset cost at a 1 year deal near 1 Million.


Despite this move this leaves us near 3.5 M in cap space to get better or be a 3rd member party in any trades. With the cap available we can maybe get a 2nd or 3rd rd pick to simply retain cap on a high end player so a team on the East can benefit.


By time of Deadline, this allows Bear to potentially play beside Bear (Who had a similar goals for/ goals against as Hronek as being Hughes partner).

This allows Hronek to potentially drive his own pairing and lets us get a gauge on Hroneks actual worth as right now hes to get paid $$$ being Hughes partner)



Plan B:


Target a 2024 UFA dman (Right side)


Current notable rental options are








Off these groups; Tanev and Pesce are my top contenders- ideally we move Garland in an any move we do to acquire cap flexibility now and in the coming years when Petey and Hronek are due to get paid


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The newfound cap space will be used to acquire a top 4 Dman for our playoff run.  This was a genius move by Allvin to open up cap space in the middle of the season to take advantage of any trade opportunities.  Being able to trade for a Dman without having to send any cap back to the other team is HUGE.  Most teams are capped out, so this strategy was a massive home run by Allvin.  


Thank you Chicago and Corey Perry for making this happen.  

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Out of your plan B candidates, some have looked good this year, others bad.


The good: Tanev, Pesce (injured), and Schultz.  

The bad: Barrie (close to getting scratched), Dumba (close to getting scratched)

The injured: Klingberg (also scratched), whose career is likely over


Chris Tanev.  Fantastic defender who somehow improved after leaving Vancouver.  Put in some really good years in Calgary.  A good candidate for contract extension.  But his body is starting to break down.  Also, Calgary is more keen to move Zadorov, who has publicly requested a trade.


Brett Pesce is a more aggressive, physical 2-way defenceman than Tanev, and one whose offensive potential was unlocked by Rod the Bod.  He is still in his prime years, and for now, fairly durable.  But he is body is also slowly starting to break down, and on a slow decline at that.  He's a poor candidate for an extension because he'll want 5 or 6 years at a pretty high price (which he's worth right now, but not in the back half).  Finally, Carolina is having problems keeping the puck out of their own net.  They might overvalue Pesce's two-way game and go all-in this year, making him difficult to trade away.


Justin Schultz - the one that got away.  We've been talking about him joining Vancouver since the very beginning.  He's had a roller-coaster of a career but once again he's settled in nicely with his new team.  He's still a decent two-way player so I'm not sure Seattle will want to trade him away to a division rival.  I also think he's served best as a 3rd pairing D-man.


Ethan Bear is the wildcard, and if he can return back to form, I'll be happy to have him back on the Canucks.

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