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(Report) WWE Reportedly Strikes A Deal With The NHL

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WWE Reportedly Strikes A Deal With The NHL


WWE has reportedly signed a deal with the NHL, similar to their current deal with the NFL and MLB, which could see them collaborate and release NHL-themed championship titles.


As per a report by "WrestleVotes," WWE and NHL have signed a deal that could see NHL championship titles go on sale at the start of the new year on the Fanatics website. The NFL titles are also being sold on WWE.com, as well as the NFL's official website, which likely means that they will be sold on NHL and WWE's websites too.


"On the heels of major success with the NFL in releasing commemorative championship titles of each team, I'm told the WWE & NHL have a deal in place for the same. Expect NHL championships titles to be available thru Fanatics sometime in the new year," said the report.



Earlier this year, WWE and the NFL announced a merchandise deal to sell officially licensed NFL legacy title belts ahead of the season. All NFL teams, barring the Jacksonville Jaguars, which are owned by AEW's Shad and Tony Khan, have their custom championship belts, which are being sold for $549.99. Apart from their partnerships with the NFL and their rumored agreement with the NHL, WWE announced a collaboration with MLB in 2021. This agreement resulted in the creation of WWE replica belts for all 30 baseball teams. 

WWE has expanded its partnership with sports teams to even college sports as they announced earlier this year that they would sponsor the Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game, which includes a custom Big 12 title belt, as well as WWE branding in the stadium, as well as merchandise.



Following the deal with the NFL, former WCW President Eric Bischoff stated that it would add a lot of money to WWE's revenues as more mainstream eyeballs could bring in more sponsors to the promotion.



Read More: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1476350/wwe-reportedly-partners-nhl-new-deal/



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Coming from someone who doesn't follow WWE at all, this seems weird, but not sure there is a downside to this.  If it can help promote the game, and give anyone who wants to buy a huge belt for their favorite hockey team, so be it.


Not sure why anyone would buy it, but that's capitalism, baby.  It either sells enough to be worthwhile or doesn't and dies out.

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1 hour ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

I draw the line at bringing folding chairs onto the playing surface to use in a hockey fight.  :classic_ninja:

True story....my "seat" at Canuck games in 2011 was....a folding chair.  (Damn, I could've used it instead of a rinky dink cowbell).

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4 minutes ago, -dlc- said:

True story....my "seat" at Canuck games in 2011 was....a folding chair. 


They really ought to look into setting up sections of "standing room" for paying fans when the rink is "sold out" - so that they can say that the rink is at "more than 100% capacity".  Too bad the fire code probably prohibits such an arrangement.

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