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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks | December 23rd, 7:00PM PT | Christmas 2023 Edition

Jim McMahon

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42 minutes ago, John.Tallhouse said:

@Roberts should have something up soon with actual effort put in. If you’re going to high jack the GDT at least put in some effort my guy.



someone who has high jacked GDT’s accidentally but put in effort. 

please see: GDT sign up thread for additional info. 

Well my guy, at least there is somewhere to leave a comment for now. Sometimes I think about leaving a comment but then I just move on. This time you & I both did not. 

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22 minutes ago, KFAN said:

My wish for 2024 would be that posters here just quit arguing and being rude to each other. I think most of us on here are adults, but it feels like there are too many teenagers who can't accept others opinions. Merry Xmas everyone and all the best in 2024.

barney stinson tru GIF


There is a lot of shouting down of opinions on this site.......far more than the old one

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Must Win


Canucks will want to head into the Christmas break on a high note, ready to take on 2024. If they lose tonight that will sting (Sharks are the worst team), and then they may end up dwelling on that loss for almost a week before they have to play again.


Show up tonight, beat the Sharks, eat some turkey tomorrow  🥳


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3 minutes ago, Rip The Mesh said:



Love that Kuz is back with Petey! I think they both benefit from playing with each other.


Sure, Kuzy wouldn't have had 39 goals last year without Petey, but he also scored lots of goals other players wouldn't have. So I'm stoked to see these two back together. Expecting a big game from that line.


Also, I may be a huge PDG fanboy, but given our recent history of poor centre depth, you gotta love a 4th line featuring 3 centres!


Let's go into the Christmas break on a high.


Go Canucks Go!

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1 hour ago, Jim McMahon said:

I don’t know if anyone signed up for a GDT. I’m itching for some game day talk. Mods, add in anything you like. I’m not tech savvy. 

I hope to god Pettersson comes out of his shell tonight and scores a hatty. 6-2 Vancouver ! 

GCG !!!


oh and Merry Christmas to all ! Hope the holidays are filled with good food and good booze. Stay away from politics this year and let’s just enjoy each others company. 

Oooh, sounds sexy!

I. Like. Enjoyments.

U. Never. Know. What. You. Are. Going. To. Get.



Thanks to my favorite QB ever for getting this GDT going!!

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