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[proposal] SEA - VAN

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to VAN


Brandon Tanev (m-ntc) 

2025 draft pick or cap retention


to SEA




Both have the same years left on their current contracts.  Canucks are giving up the higher ceiling player but get a hard forechecking player in return who helps either EP or Miller and Lafferty can help the bottom 6.  JR and PA know Tanev quite well from their PIT days.  




Trade Myers, keep Kuz, go get Tanev. I could see Tanev w EP AK. IM dropa down and might even better suited w Miller and Boeser.  





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56 minutes ago, Tank said:

more like Seattle need add to acquire Kuz.


I left the draft pick undefined bc I wasnt sure what the balance of value would be.  Kuz would be a reclamation project like Boeser was-no guarantee he hits either.  SEA needs some belief that they could exact value out of the trade as well.


Tanev is highly respected by the Kraken org. and their fans so trading for him wouldnt be easy, but cheaper than other high UFAs Im hoping.  Plays with McCann and knows his role. 


If he can be a top PKr that would really help w keeping Miller’s mins down. 



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