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Petey - Miller - Boeser

Mikheyev - Lindholm - Sharangovich

Joshua - Blueger - Garland

Hoglander - Suter - Lafferty



Canucks solidify their top 6 with size, skill, and defensive responsibility on the 2nd line. Lindholm is a rental but Sharangovich has a year left on his contract and for the cap hit is a valuable middle-6 forward, Kuzmenko is basically a cap dump and that's why I included Brzustewicz. 


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14 minutes ago, qwijjibo said:

Calgary getting bent over the barrel here. No way they move Lindholm and Sharangovich for this. 

Agreed. I think the OP’s heart is the right place but Calgary’s GM would get his balls chopped off by Lorena Bobbit if he signed off on that deal.

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Sharangovich would be a nice 25 year old big strong 50-60pt center to target for sure. No way we get Lindholm too, it'll be one or the other. As good as the Lotto line look now, they'll surely get broken up here and there and in the playoffs it makes more sense to roll two scoring lines and just load up for situational play. Then, having a solid scoring 3C line Sharangovich would really help - he could become a 2C at times too.


I think it depends then what Calgary want to do - if they want to still try and make the playoffs over the next two years then they'll want a good player back. Sadly it'll be someone like Kuzmenko or maybe even Hoglander. Then they'll probably want a pick or prospect. I think a 1st is pretty decent even though it's going to be a 28-32nd overall pick.


Kuz + 1st + defensive prospect for Sharangovich sounds like a lot but actually, it's just us giving them a lot of potentially good players for a guy who is trending up and pretty much entering his prime now.

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