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[Proposal] Nothing To See Here. Just A Cup Winning Roster.

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Trade #1



Elias Pettersson



Pavel Buchnevich

Jake Neighbours

Dalibor Dvorsky


We know all about Buchnevich.  Very dominant top 6 forward with size.  Neighbours is quietly putting up a very solid season.  13 goals so far this year, on pace for over 20.  Dvorsky is a blue chip centre prospect that allows us to unload Raty in the deal below.


Trade #2



Andrei Kuzmenko

Aatu Raty

1st Round Pick



Jake Guentzel



Buchnevich-Suter-Guentzel (Suter is fine here with 2 wingers of that calibre.  Think of it as the modern day WCE)


Hoglander-Lafferty-Neighbours (this line would drive opposition nuts, but also have so much offensive touch.  Would be a 3rd line on a non-contender)

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No thanks to more wingers, especially not at the expense of moving Pettersson.  He's staying until suggested otherwise.
I'd say find a fix for the second line and that should be it.  Whether it's moving either Mikheyev or Kuzmenko, or upgrading on Suter (or demoting all 3 to line 3 and promoting the Joshua-Blueger-Garland line).  Rather not just break the bank for Guentzel.

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