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Bring back the animal names.

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On 2/9/2024 at 2:56 PM, Hammertime said:

Just messing around for some fun. I loved that everyone on the team once had animal names. I thought it was a really cool tradition and got me thinking what this teams animal names would be?


Tocc Baby Mother GIF

Foote bigfoot sasquatch GIF

JR Owl Think GIF

Alvin Mad Grumpy Cat GIF by MOODMAN

Myers Sup Giraffe GIF

Huggy koala hanging GIF

Pete vs hunter GIF

Miller Pbs Nature Battle GIF by Nature on PBS

Brock Rooster GIF


Garland funny goat GIF

Blueger video beluga GIF

Dakota National Geographic Bug GIF by Nat Geo Wild

Mikheyev snow swag GIF

Lindholm Bee GIF

Suter Hermit Crab Sea GIF by Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hoglander The Lion King Disney GIF

Lafferty try again nat geo wild GIF by Savage Kingdom

PDG Summer Playing GIF

Aman Excited Run GIF by TLC

Hronek Happy San Diego GIF by San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Zadorov walking mountains GIF

Soucy 200.gif

Cole Shrek Film Smile GIF by Peacock

Juulson Run Stop And Go GIF by SWR Kindernetz

Friedman Bring It Reaction GIF by reactionseditor



So Brock is a Cock?

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