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[PGT] Canucks @ Avs -- 3 losses for the 1st time this season

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Just now, Ronaldoescobar said:

Strong team bond and long lasting friendships need to be built and and all will be good

There's something to that. The team earlier was working as a unit together and lots of teamwork. Right now it seems there's a lot of individual play.

But man do some changes to the PP. 2 minutes of passing drills is not cutting it.

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2 minutes ago, HKSR said:

Dunno who's supposed to start the PGTs, but whoever it is is awfully slow to get there.  So I've made one.


Anyways, stop the panic.  The 2010-11 team literally played .500 hockey between Feb 7th and Mar 3rd that season.  This team is doing fine.  


9 games in 15 days...some practice time will do wonders 

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Just now, 24K said:

Oh let us also not forget this is the 3rd straight game reffing has been hot garbage and biased against us. 

3rd straight?


Learn how to count this is like game #7 and 5th in a row with a phantom penalty being called. 

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Just now, Tocchet.A.Hockey.God said:

Everyone blames the refs but the players are at fault 

Let's see. The refs called a penalty that is not a penalty and a dive by the Avs. 


Yeah players fault. 😒

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1 minute ago, Rip The Mesh said:


What about the Avs player ripping Hoglanders helmet off?


I would be pissed that we didn’t get more powerplay time if I thought it would have made a difference…

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