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The 4 game slide.

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First let me start with saying…No one likes losing, I understand the frustration bur its a little unrealistic to think an 82 game season will go a perfect 82-0.There will be ups and downs and 3-4 game losses for each and every single team and has been throughout history. I can almost guarantee no cup winner has ever won without having at least one 3 game slide at some point in the season or post season. We’ve seen teams come back from 3-0 series deficits…. Its not the end of the world. 


This is the perfect time for struggles, BEFORE the deadline, not after! This gives us time to make the necessary adjustments. In previous years plenty of presidents trophy winners didnt see enough need to make drastic changes. 2011-12 for example, presidents trophy winners, having a glorious season and made little changes at the TDL…. Meanwhile the teams struggling were making big changes and ultimately those teams have been the teams to go on to win such as LAK did. We know what we need to address and largely it is the PP. 


Be glad its before the deadline where we CAN do something about it, not after the TDL where we would be helpless and hopeless.


PA and JR now have a little more motivation to make some ballsy moves to put this team over the top.


its a long season and we have a long post season ahead, keep your chins up and stay positive. Theres a positive in every situation if you look for it.



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Its a tough schedule - even more so for the west coast teams. The Canucks have played the highest number of games of any team so far, with excessive travel. I am hoping that this is just the schedule catching up to them and a bit of fatigue. Should be short-term and they should be back to form soon.

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