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75-76 Canucks

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Some greats in that lineup.  Gary Smith almost won the Hart Trophy the year before.  Ron Sedlbauer our first 40 goal scorer.  Andre Boudrias whose assists in a season record stood until Henrik Sedin.  Don Lever the ironman until Trevor Linden.  Dennis Ververgaert with the fastest 2 goals in All Star Game history.  Bobby Lalonde, I think a 3x winner of Most Exciting Player and the original Cliff Ronning.

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Oh man, does that bring back memories. This was from a time when you couldn't purchase the NHL media guide (unless you worked in media of course) so the only way to get to know the players was watching or listening to the games, write down their names and numbers, and collect the hockey cards into a collector's album...essentially making your own "media guide".


No pretty boy looks in those pics either (unlike today)...any one of those guys looks like they could be a death row murderer. And how about Gary "Suitcase" Smith, Dennis Kearns, Harold Snepts, Don Lever etc etc. The talent on that team was incredible, but it goes to show how deep the league talent was back then...you had to be the leading scorer in a Junior league just to get a gig on the 4th line of an NHL team. As deep as that team was, look at the rosters for Boston, Philly (who won the Cup the year before) and the Habs (who won in spring 76). We were in the Sweathog division (named for the gang from Welcome Back Kotter). We were considered the rough and tumble division whereas the East had more natural hockey talent (especially the Habs).


Anyways, thanks for the stroll down memory lane 😉

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