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Will DeSmith wear #1?

Crimson JH

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Only if Demmer sucks outta the gate. However I don't see that happening. 


Editing right now...........Oh sh*t! I only read the title. Misunderstood the op's question. Apologies.


Honestly, I don't know if anyone is wearing #1 as of now. If it's available....why not?!?!?!?!?!? Has that always been his number in his hockey career?


Edit again............Reading is key, kids!

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#1 never officially retired for either MacLean or Luongo; and there never any history with it that we should prevent future players from wearing it. Having said that, if I were him, I won't want that number. The number was worn by 2 Canuck legends, I would feel a lot of pressure wearing it as a back-up goalie.

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  • Crimson JH changed the title to Will DeSmith wear #1?
8 minutes ago, Hammertime said:

It's not retired but I kinda feel he has to earn that number a bit a backup shouldn't have rights to it. If Demko wanted to wear it I think that would be fine. 

I think that #1 isn’t exactly a good number suitable for backup goalie. 

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