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[Report] Kylington Unable to Participate in Camp 

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Kylington Unable to Participate in Camp 


Observations After Day One

September 21, 2023, 7:10 PM ET [0 Comments]

Per the Calgary Flames organization.

“Following yesterday’s medical and fitness testing, it was determined that Oliver is unable to participate in the opening of training camp today. As this is a private personal matter, no further information will be provided.”

It looks like Oliver Kylington won’t be starting training camp with the rest of the players. Given his struggles with mental health in the recent past, you have to hope that he’s feeling alright. It is also possible that the year off has him out of shape. Tough to say, but here’s wishing him the best.



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I'm unfamiliar with Kylingtons situation. His name has made the news rounds in Sweden over the summer as him and some friends have partied in Ibiza with Swedens equivalent of Kylie Jenner.


If it's a passion thing like @Miss Korea cited, makes it interesting that one of the guys was former hockey player Patrick Cehlin who's career was cut short after struggling with concussion and depression issues. Her name is Bianca Ingrosso for those interested.  

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