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CFF 2024 Playoff Bracket Challenge

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A bracket is to much work but here are my predictions.


DAL over VGK.

WPG over COL.

VAN over NSH.

EDM over LAK.


TBL over FLA

TOR over BOS

NYR over WSH

CAR over NYI


I can see VAN beating NSH, followed by a 50/50 shot vs EDM. Winner then faces Winnipeg who will beat COL. VGK/DAL will beat each other up making for a tenderized opponent for WPG.


Canes Eastern final not sure vs who. The Boston game vs TOR has my original prediction above in some question. but ill stick with my original prediction I had before any game 1 match.



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11 hours ago, Bounce000 said:

7/8, Vegas let me down. Picked that series in 7 games too...

Same, except I had VGK in 6.. Looked good for a little bit lol

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I was wrong on two three first round winners, but right now, 3 of my 2nd round winners are leading their series and the fourth is VAN/EDM where the series is tied. 
I think this is the best bracket I have had in a decade. hahaha

Oh, and also the teams I got wrong in winning round 1 are now losing their round 2's. So i feel better about being wrong there, haha, fun stuff.



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