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Captaincy Poll - Hughes v Miller v Someplace in between


Captaincy Poll - Hughes v Miller v Someplace in between  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do ya Love?

    • Huggy Bear all the way! Drag the Family into the Fight!
    • I can get behind Captain Hughes but really glad he's got someone like JT wearing the A
    • Really would've preferred JT and a more vocal Alpha type of leader but at least it was settled before puck drop
    • Bad choice - Should've run with 4 A's
    • JT Miller was the captain we needed. No good will come of this
    • But, but, but... What about Petey? (Just joking! We all know he didn't want it)

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  • Poll closed on 10/12/2023 at 01:59 AM

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Lots of comments within other threads show a great deal of support for Captain Quinn and various perceptions of what his style of leadership will look like while others show a clear preference for JT and the style many assume he'd adopt.


So, just for fun and to put Sunday night behind us, let's see where the numbers fall


Poll closes before game 1 vs the Coilers



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Was team Huggy the moment we moved Horvat. He's a gamer, he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve like Miller, but I don't think that makes him any less competitive. With that said, Miller is a great A. Him and Huggy have their own leadership styles and it'll do well for the room. I wanted to trade Miller, and won't pretend like I didn't. But for a team that wants playoffs he's definitely a guy you want in your corner. Lets just hope we put the right pieces around our 4 key cogs.

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Petey loathes the media in Vancouver. He didn't want to have to deal with the bulllshit. And frankly I don't blame him.


Miller has a big voice, the likely captain in the locker room with the boys but we know he can be bit of a snapshow which is rife for bad PR. No Bueno.


Demko likely holds the most stature and respect in terms of leadership, but they can't do the Luongo thing again.


Hughes kinda gets the C by default, imo. Not a knock on him at all though-- I'm sure he'll be a fine captain, 'grow into the role, and being the best damn dman in the history of the franchise certainly doesn't hurt his case. Kind hearted, honest, humble etc... it makes sense.


Nevetheless, still feels a bit like the choice was thrown on him given the circumstances. Organization wanted to name captain. I mean... could he really say no? (Not that he ever would have) but who else is there. Nobody.


Long live Capitan Quinn!



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