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Does anyone know how to stream Sportsnet 650 on the new sportsnet app? Ever since the update I have been unable to find a way to stream the radio feed on it, even though Brendan Bachelor keeps saying that it's possible on the radio.

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5 hours ago, sashimi said:

I use the Radioplayer Canada app to stream 650 live. Works great.

a couple of seasons ago when I was in the hospital for 8 weeks, that was how I followed the games. 

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10 hours ago, nuckin_futz said:

Go to www.sportsnet.ca/650 and stream it from the website. 





This is what I've been doing so far. But Bachelor is specifically saying it's possible through the Sportsnet app. It used to be easy through the app. It's far easier to use the app then a browser because I can then close phone down instead of leaving it unlocked.


10 hours ago, cripplereh said:

Not sure Google it.


Me if I want to listen just add the radio station to my Roku and done.

Did google it, nothing.


6 hours ago, sashimi said:

I use the Radioplayer Canada app to stream 650 live. Works great.

This is good to know. I tried using iHeartRadio but it doesn't even have Sportsnet 650 as a channel. I'll have to download this app instead.

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21 hours ago, Jim McMahon said:

Sportsnet anything is shit. I’d rather illegally stream the games than subscribe to sportsnet 

I haven't subscribed to anything with Sportsnet, but using half-assed back woods streams that risk giving your phone herpes over asking a friend or family member for their email they use for cable is a no brainer. With smart TVs I can just download the Sportsnet app and watch games off my friends cable subscription instead of buying a cable package for Canucks games and Forged in Fire. It's a no brainer.

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7 minutes ago, -dlc- said:

I stream from the website too (when I'm at work).


Also...I  have a "transistor radio". Right beside my washboard and my carpet beater.

But isn't there a rolling blackout around 8 every night? I guess that's is a good time to go out and churn the butter though.

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