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3 proposals to fill out a Tochett roster.

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First trade:

Van. Beauvillier - Mont. Kovacevic


Second trade:

Van. Garland, Hoglander - CBJ  Peeke, Marchenko, Svozil


Third trade:


Van. Myers - Wash. Mantha


First trade not only frees up cap room but gives us a decent third pairing D-man also. Second trade gives us a 2nd pairing D-man a good prospect and a guy with size for our third line. The third trade gives us a guy with size and speed and a show us what you can do if you want a new contract for a guy most want gone. We would have to retain maybe $200,000 on Myers for cap reasons on their part. May have to tweek a little but give me your thoughts.

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That 3rd trade is essentially a lose-lose, Capitals aren't scoring and we trade them a crappy defender, while we get another winger.

For the first two, I'd frankly trade Beau and Garland to get any physical energy winger with speed.  Don't really care so much about getting more defense if guys like Peeke are still highly valued.  

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