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[Proposal/Discussion] Buffalo and Vancouver

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Buffalo is still struggling to find their game and move up in the standings.  Got me wondering if Alex Tuch is a player that could be available as Buffalo continues to add some more to their youth movement.


He's a big guy, but kinda fragile.  Perhaps 2nd line minutes here in Vancouver and a bit of a reduced role will keep him fresh for his shifts and avoid injuries.


Garland+Podkolzin+1st for Tuch





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Alex Tuch is a point-per-game, two-way power forward on an extremely cheap contract.  If Buffalo trades him away, it's full-on tank mode again and I don't think that's going to happen.  They might trade other guys, but certainly not Tuch.  I also think other teams can offer a better package than what you're proposing here.



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With what we assume,we are short one defencemen. Is Bear the answer? Should he be acquired, he will need some catching up. Yet somewhat familiar with the team.


Forward... one power forward perhaps 2.Pending the first forward  . We are hand shakes and 2 players short of a being a legitimate threat.


I understand the names brought up but realistically is a rental or term that is warranted.


I think 2 years max for a defenceman. Forward l'd prefer rental.


We have the prospects that will need to be moved up.

Overall l am more surprised at Alvin and his core at what has been done.


My Hat comes off to the persons guiding us out of the basement.

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