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I'm outta here!

Colonel D

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4 hours ago, Colonel D said:

On Canucks.com I was always getting warnings for always pretending to be a pirate. I blew a landlubber right out of the water when trying to debate me on the finer points of navigating the West Indies. Two of the Admins came right out and told me to walk the plank but I survived by the skin o' me teeth. 


Now adding insult to injury, these same Admins have infected me with scurvy and left me to sink to Davy Jones' dark, deep locker rather than enjoy my "What are you listening to, Sea Shanty" threads. Shiver me timbers !!


I miss you Colon D.

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On 12/5/2023 at 9:14 AM, Ribs said:


So that's how it's done....:classic_ohmy:


I always pictured something more dramatic....like the system from Cabin in the Woods, where you pull a lever, an arm swings around and smashes a bottle, which in turn allows blood to run down a narrow channel and triggers the Banhammer.


Kinda disappointing, TBH....:classic_unsure:

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