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Josh Bloom | LW/RW

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6 hours ago, WillisD said:

Best thing for him. Head to the echl for a lot of playing time and back to the ahl when ready. No rush


4 hours ago, Kootenay Gold said:

He needs playing time that he is not getting in Abby. I expect this is a fairly short term move and we will see him back in Abby at some point in January if not before.



I agree. He needs to play and he is not getting reps in Abby. But it is disappointing that he did not play well enough to work his way up the Abby line-up.


Apart from goalies, the track record of prospects that get dropped from the AHL to ECHL is not good. (Yes, I realize Burrows played in the ECHL and there are some other examples but those examples are rare.) I had high hopes for Bloom when he was acquired in the Stillman trade. Maybe a change of scenery will help.

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Agreed it will be good for him to get some more playing time, Abby has a pretty competitive lineup and even though they are younger than many AHL teams most of the kids are at least 22-23 besides Raty and Klim. I expect some forwards to graduate over the next year or two and a spot will open up for him if he's ready to take it.

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To learn from Henrik and Daniel Sedin this week was a surreal experience. Their easy-going, no-ego manner to make prospects comfortable — while providing a master class in skill development — left quite the impression.





“Hank came up to me and had a conversation like I was just another guy,” said Bloom. “It was a weird experience. I grew up watching these guys and they’re idols to a ton of people. Pretty cool.


“And Daniel was fantastic to work with on board drills and tips that will go a long way, and you couldn’t have a better guy to learn from, right?

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On 1/20/2024 at 11:06 AM, N4ZZY said:

what's the ceiling of this kid? does he have an NHL future?


If he does, looks like maybe a future bottom 6 energy guy if everything clicks. He has pro level skating already

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