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[PGT] Canucks at Bluejackets: Escape from Buffalo aka Revenge of Panda Express

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I love Tocc, but it's time for him to stop holding Hogs back. The guy is a work horse who is super creative and talented offensively. He shouldn't be on the 4th line, and he should be getting PP time and definitely should've shot over Suter in the shootout.

Mik or Kuz can go to the 4th, not like they are doing anything in the offensive zone with their 2nd line minutes and PP time.


Great road trip, ends on a bit of a stinker, but the boys were exhausted and rightfully so with their shitty travel day yesterday and then an early game.

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2 minutes ago, AlwaysACanuckFan said:

Even though it was a loss in a shootout, what an incredible road trip. Time for some home cooking 


Already looking forward to Laffs on Sat


But Nux need to get ready for that notorious first-home-game-after-a-road trip trap. 

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So close to squeaking out a win in that one thanks to DeSmith. The team managed to get a point though even with battling fatigue of a 7 game road trip + the Buffalo snow storm. Great road trip, and well deserved rest for all of them.

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