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Love or hate em, they're here: The (infamous) JFresh Cards

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3 minutes ago, Miss Korea said:

PRIMER: These percentages are based on the rest of the players in the league.  It's a comparison.  They are not necessarily grades (ie. a 45% isn't a fail - you're just middle of the pack)


DISCLAIMER: I know there are legitimate flaws and limitations to the WAR model (and any other guys like Dom Luszczyszyn or Patrick Bacon).  One of the most reputable detractors is our resident statistician @Down By the River, who is currently destroying me in our fantasy league (wanker).  His thread critiquing the WAR model can be found here: 


So don't take these things too seriously.  But they are fun to look at, especially when the team is doing so well!





Starting with our 3B-tier star centreman and captain...




The lotto line is looking great.  Miller/Boeser have typically had poor-looking cards but right now they're killing it.  Can't deny their chemistry makes it one of the deadliest lines in the NHL.


image.png.a7acd49b733ed4093d0a6b044f2514f4.png image.png.02231e9991f8e18b2b99149d8127dcf1.png image.png.04cc4c6efeb7be3013a7324ecbc24c06.png


And of course, Thatcher Demko.  I'm surprised he ranks so low given his extremely high GSAx (goals saved above expected).  We are likely looking at a potential Vezina candidate if he keeps this up.  






Here's the "Thirst Line".  Naturally, it's the elfman running the offense, but their chemistry is fantastic:


image.png.91971f7e3232946b059c5ff1916a1e97.png image.png.248940a41936ac7fb5edee3eac1aa76d.png image.png.071ef87fd683fa2c62fb07f85a360b50.png


Our second line has looked better with a defensive stalwart like Suter at centre, but when your wingers are being paid that much, the expectation is to score more.  I'm not sure Kuzmenko's card covers the level of drop-off we've seen.  If they don't start scoring, Trader Jim isn't going to wait long before making a move.


image.png.11956cfd3016afa5f7011a4e6e35a3ac.png image.png.3829b5cf82d5ff5c96f53651ad18a327.png image.png.ad822d4d3ab1ac17d2d99494fa9895a1.png


Our fourth line is a mixed bag of scrappy players.  Lafferty continues to fit in wherever he's needed.  Why Höglander continues to have the least TOI out of the entire roster is beyond me.  Tocchet is underusing him and I'm worried he's going to get traded and do better somewhere else.


image.png.5cf1b97ed5a340dfed702da4b4774c3b.png image.png.9a4bfc98cafd701a3e42b94649eceef2.png image.png.f5a43fef878822fc09ecf49b73782f66.png





Here's the most controversial one.  The model does not credit Hronek for Hughes' improved play, but rather the other way around.  Let's see what his contract offer looks like.




The new summer additions have it in quite nicely, and it's clear why our defensive woes have largely gone away.  Stay out of the box, Cole!


image.png.2f5fbab8ab1caab22541d46a3f60ecc4.png image.png.e045830f5ce264030ab16c8458d33fa5.png


The Two Towers have generally looked good.  Big Z has helped the Chaos Giraffe look more comfortable moving up the ice.  But as Flames fans warned us, Zadorov also tends to have some really off games once in a while.  Myers looks bad here because his numbers are still pulled down by OEL from last year.  Just stay out of the box and we'll be happy!


image.png.253575d56ff1cc62ca3bb7cee5e0a171.png image.png.866d48417a4dd94f7eeb2078d6a88bd9.png





These last two players have really helped elevate this team to new levels.  They do exactly what is expected of them and they do it very well.  Juulsen is the odd man out, but he was going to the moon.  One of the best 7th D-men in the league.  And DeSmith is one of the best backups in the league - his paper stats are identical to Demko's.  He's like Swayman last year.


image.png.ee083897862a05f27d1c4be3f5282abb.png image.png.8f03b62dcf37803bc5ce0dda00fee2dc.png



Flame away, folks.

I have no idea what any of these things mean, but once again, I feel entertained and educated. 

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3 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

I have no idea what any of these things mean, but once again, I feel entertained and educated. 


Blue is good, red is bad.  We had a lot of red last year.  We have a lot of blue this year.  



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Does this mean Kuzmenko is awesome?  And Tochett is a goof?  I'm not sure.    Go blue!  And  And come on choas giraffe, when are you going to help the team!    Suppose a 5% increase is better good though.   These are interesting.  And also inherently flawed based on their final numbers.   

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