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[PGT] Canucks at Capitals - 02/11/24

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3 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Exactly! Lindholm is a heck of a good player. He’s plays a winners game. Unlike Kuzzy the Cutie. Who wins in a cute contest: Kuzzy or Caufield? 


Lindholm had a solid defense game today, not sure what anyone would have a problem with?

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Not a good game but they found a way to win 


Demko kept them in it.  

PK good. PP still needs improvement


All these line juggling takes time for chemistry to form.  


2-1-1  5/8 pts


Gotta win next game and make this a very good road trip.  


Nux still haven't lost more than 2 in a row. 

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Just now, PistolPete13 said:

Right? I had to miss the game so I tried guaging how things were going by reading the gdt.  I thought that we were getting killed, but nope 3-2 win.

I should know better by now. 

Dont you know?  if they dont come out and steam roll teams playing at home their leaders are mentally weak, the players dont care, they lack maturity....oh and Miller needs to look like dominant miller for 82 games straight, no lulls allowed, or he doesnt really care... or something like that.  


I like diverse opinions and reasonable criticisms- sometimes i change mine because of them, but GDT gets overwhelmed with the repetitive emotional outbursts by one guy sometimes .  Starting to think the ignore feature will make it a lot better.



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