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Miller back on wing?

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I imagine we’ll see JTM on EP’s wing on quite a few occasions this season. Even if it dilutes the 2nd line offense production, it’ll at least ensure EP continues his own…which is important to a player in contract year negotiations. I can see Tocchet playing into that a bit to assist in finessing negotiations if possible. 

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15 minutes ago, AndersRune said:

Kuz EP40 Miller

Boeser Suter Beau

Garland Räty Mikheyev/PDG

Joshua Teddy Podz 

Räty looked ok, what happens If he kills it in camp?!? Miller back to the wing?


Super shouldn't be on a Top 6.  If Raty is NHL ready this year and is ready to take ownership of the 3rd line, then Suter moves to the wing.  

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I'm not sold that Raty is ready yet. See if he can be good in Abbotsford first, because he was rather underwhelming last year. Suter also is not good enough to be a 2C. Ideally, in today's game, you probably want your 2C scoring 50+ points and Suter getting even 40 would be a huge success.

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I agree with @-AJ-.  Raty and Klim together in Abby, they are improving and maturing and that is what we need, no more rushing kids who aren’t ready. 
If we had put Pods and Hogz in the AHL to begin with we would probably be in a better spot then we are now. 
Suter is maybe a good third scoring centre definitely hasn’t shown a good second line centre. 

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