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[Fired] Kekalainen out as GM in Columbus

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2 minutes ago, flickyoursedin said:

Very unfortunate for him with Johnny hockey showing up at his door wanting to play in Columbus. I don’t think Jarmo’s been bad but I mean Columbus has been a bottom feeder for too long that he had to get fired.


Jarmo has been terrible. I'm amazed he lasted this long.

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10 minutes ago, spook007 said:

I hear Jim Benning is available....😎


So is Mike Gillis I believe.  I do think they might go with someone with some NHL GM experience this time.


I heard (on 32 Thoughts I think) that Lou Lamoriello prefers head coaches on their 2nd HC job and has had a great deal of success.  I wonder if it works the same with GMs?  Are they better the 2nd time around?  Learned what not to do after the first go at it?

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31 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Johnny Hockey and Laine.


Yet, we have people griping about Mik at under $5 Mill.


30 minutes ago, aGENT said:


Who hasn't even been THAT bad, coming off freaking KNEE SURGERY.


He hasn't been bad but he hasn't been good either. 

Well defensively he's been good. 

Smart hockey iq. Defensively, he reads the play very well, always in the right position, takes the right pursuit lanes. Is that worth 5m?

Probably not? 

Saving grace is, a lot of top 6s are liabilities if they are not scoring. 

Mik is definitely not a liability. 

In my mind, if he's not able to recover from his knee surgery and his current speed is what he will have for the rest of his career, his value is as a shutdown 3rd line winger. I don't know what those cost contractually but I think it's less than 5m.

He's currently in the hot seat because our GM has done a fantastic job of trimming the fat on this roster. Every player is playing above his contract value. One might look and say Mik is the only one not doing that. Well and Myers too but Myers will only come back next year if he takes a significant hair cut 

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Probably 4 to 5 years longer than it should have taken.  They had a few decent years between 2016 and 2019, but other than that, nothing spectacular.  They have a strong foundation of talent, but they need someone to surround them with the depth and support (not unlike what PA/JR have done here).


There's gonna be some major shuffling in Columbus this off season.  Jiricek isn't going anywhere.  He will be a pillar for that franchise along with guys like Johnson, Fantilli, Voronkov, Chinakhov, Ceulemans, and Mateychuk, etc.  They just need a blue chip goalie prospect.  An Askarov or Wallstedt trade maybe?  That'll set them up really nicely for the future.

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23 minutes ago, PeteyBOI said:

Jiricek anyone? struggling Podz for struggling Jiricek... im sure we havt to add a 20251st... but get er done


If anything they're less likely to move Jiricek now, and it was never likely 

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