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On 3/3/2024 at 4:54 PM, -dlc- said:

This reminds me of something that Maynard James Keenan would do.

I used to post a lot of Yat Kha in the other forum. I listen to Puscifer and Tool only occasionally.


I injured myself in 2000; I couldn't sleep because of the pain. A doctor said that months of very little sleep buggered up my brain chemistry. I can't seem to listen to the same stuff all the time anymore. The positive is that I have increased the amount of artists and songs that I listen to. I won't listen to most of the songs that I posted for several months or more depending on the artist and song.



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On 3/3/2024 at 4:43 PM, -dlc- said:



Certainly better than his cover of "Burrows: Do We Really Need Him". :classic_cool:


A lot of people don't realize that "This Flight Tonight" by Nazareth is a cover. Joni Mitchell wrote the original and it sounds nothing like the Nazareth version.


My favorite however is this cover of "Lazy". Originally done by Deep Purple, this is a studio ensemble featuring guitar god Joe Bonamassa, legendary Australian vocalist Jimmy Barnes, Aerosmith's Brad Whitford, session bassist Michael Rhodes, (who unfortunately passed away last year) drummer Anton Fig, (who some might remember as the drummer for Paul Schaeffer's "World's Most Dangerous Band" on the Letterman show) and keyboardist for hire, Arlan Schierbaum who absolutely kills it on the Hammond B3:



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1 hour ago, Shift-4 said:


Posted this a number of months ago in listening to thread.

I think it is much better than original

I like David Usher's version.


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