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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Winnipeg Jets, Feb 9, 7PM PST (10PM EST) Rogers Arena, the PLAYOFFS START HERE GAME!

Playoffs Playoffs Playoffs!!!  

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  1. 1. What team would you want the Canucks to face in the first round!

    • Edmonton Oilers - hey, we kicked their ass 8-1 to start the season so might as well sweep them 4 straight right out of the gates
    • Nashville Predators - well, that is where they will end up so why fight it
    • Seattle Kraken - the Crack will play well enough to beat the Knights twice and on the back of the Canucks helping out will slide in to WC2 ... plus FRACK the LTIR Cheaters!
    • Vegas Baby! - we will have their number and might as well do the hard yard first and coast the rest of the way to SCF
    • LA Kings - a quick tune up in a 4-2 series win will set up the Canucks nicely to take on whomever survives Coilers vs Knights
    • None of the above, see my thoughts below on where the Canucks will end up in the standings and who they will face in Round 1

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Reserved for the obligatory Lotto Ticket because the CANUCKS WILL WIN THIS GAME! WOOHOO! ... And here is the winning ticket!





1) Prize dispersal (the sharing bit) - at my sole discretion

2) Who isn't eligible - anyone on my ignore list, there are 3 illustrious residents of which most here probably either have or will soon have on theirs. Consolation prize for these lucky contestants is the obligatory hearty handshake, a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People and slightly "past-the-due-date" piece of fish;

3) Must be posting here in this forum hilarious, thoughtful or downright philosophical musings. Extra points for those that work in a Monty Python, Benny Hill or SCTV reference.



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Big test even without Tiffoli. 


Jets played yesterday, 0-0 into the third then pulled away from Kraken 3-0.  


Expect hard checking game without much chances.   Helly will be in net. 

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  • -AJ- featured and pinned this topic

Predicting a thrashing tonight for my birthday ! Another next Saturday when I'll actually be at the game and why not a win mid week as well ! The roll continues !

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9 hours ago, Rocket-68 said:

A Random Hockey Story

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Darcy Rota and the Vancouver Canucks’ 1982 Stanley Cup Run

November 2, 2020 by THW Archives

The Vancouver Canucks have had many great players in their history. From their first captain Orland Kurtenbach to Trevor Linden, Vancouver has been lucky to see many amazing talents grace the ice. Out of all these greats, four players have been rewarded with their numbers being hung in the rafters, and seven more are in the team’s Ring of Honor.


However, these 11 players could not encompass everyone, and many great players have just not quite made the cut. One player who was on that path was Darcy Rota, a winger with a knack for finding the back of the net, whose career was cut short due to injury.

Rota’s Journey to the Canucks

Rota grew up a fan of the Canucks as he played minor hockey in nearby Prince George, where he eventually was inducted into the Prince George Sports Hall of Fame. Rota’s success in junior hockey with the Edmonton Oil Kings, then playing in the WCHL, led to him being selected 13th by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1973 NHL Draft. Rota went on to be known as a gritty two-way producer for the Blackhawks as he had multiple 20-goal seasons, yet he never quite lived up to the offensive potential he had once shown in junior.

Darcy Rota Vancouver Canucks

Darcy Rota, Vancouver Canucks, March 4, 1981 (Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images)


After six seasons on the Blackhawks, Rota was traded to the Atlanta Flames in a large deal which included Tom Lysiak, the player that was drafted 11 picks before Rota in the 1973 NHL Draft. Rota never appeared in a full season for the Flames before he was traded once again to Vancouver, where he debuted at the end of the 1979-80 season.

Rota Returns to British Columbia

Rota was back in his native British Columbia and during his first full season for the Canucks, he scored 25 goals while recording 124 penalty minutes. The Canucks were a young franchise, but one whose fortunes were about to change as they were accumulating the players that would make up the core of their 1981-82 team, their most successful to date.


In 1982, the Canucks had an up and down regular season where they finished below .500, but the turning point came when head coach Harry Neale was suspended 10 games for getting into an altercation with a fan during a game in Quebec City. Assistant coach Roger Neilson assumed the head coaching duties, known as “Captain Video” for the amount of film he watched, and after leading the team to a seven-game win streak, he was handed the job. Neilson became a beloved coach in Vancouver, and today his statue stands outside Rogers Arena.



Roger Neilson Statue in Vancouver (cr: Carol Browne@Flickr)



The team rode this momentum heading into the playoffs, as they swept the Calgary Flames 3-0 in the first round before dispatching the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 in the next round. This set up a Conference Final matchup against Rota’s old team, the Blackhawks, for the right to represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Final.

Conference Finals Against the Blackhawks: A Familiar Foe

The series against the Blackhawks was etched into Canucks lore, as it was the first time the franchise made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Rota described the series as special for him because it was the place where his NHL career started and he had plenty of friends and family in the stands (from ‘Vancouver Canucks’ 1982: The miracle year in their own words’, Vancouver Sun, 05/18/12).


Game 1 went to double overtime where winger Jim Nill was the hero for the Canucks as they took a 1-0 series lead. Game 2 was one that will never be forgotten, as the Canucks fell behind early. Coach Neilson, feeling like the referees were not doing a good job being impartial, took a white towel and raised it into the air with a stick.



Returning to Vancouver for Game 3, the fans brought towels in droves and waved them in support of the team. The Canucks did not lose another game during the series as they advanced to face the mighty Islanders in the Cup Final. Today, many professional sports teams across all leagues wave towels at their games, but it was the Vancouver Canucks and Roger Neilson who started this great tradition.


It was Rota that scored in Game 5 to effectively end the Blackhawks hopes of a comeback. He said, “it was the biggest goal of my life, and I couldn’t stop jumping up and down… it was chilling” (from ‘Vancouver Canucks’ 1982: The miracle year in their own words’, Vancouver Sun, 05/18/12). The team of scrappy underdogs was on its way to face off against the juggernaut Islanders in the Final.


Coach Roger Neilson waves the white flag.

Returning to Vancouver for Game 3, the fans brought towels in droves and waved them in support of the team. The Canucks did not lose another game during the series as they advanced to face the mighty Islanders in the Cup Final. Today, many professional sports teams across all leagues wave towels at their games, but it was the Vancouver Canucks and Roger Neilson who started this great tradition.

It was Rota that scored in Game 5 to effectively end the Blackhawks hopes of a comeback. He said, “it was the biggest goal of my life, and I couldn’t stop jumping up and down… it was chilling” (from ‘Vancouver Canucks’ 1982: The miracle year in their own words’, Vancouver Sun, 05/18/12). The team of scrappy underdogs was on its way to face off against the juggernaut Islanders in the Final.


The Islanders had future Hall of Famers such as Denis Potvin, Bryan Trottier, and Mike Bossy on their team and were vying for their third title in a row. New York’s speed and skill proved to be too much for the scrappy Canucks to handle as the series was ended in four games.


nhl expansion

The Islanders were an undisputed dynasty team. (Mike Moore – Private Collection)



Rota was a key contributor for the Canucks run as he had nine points and 54 penalty minutes in the 17 games. He used this strong play to carry momentum into the next season.

Rota’s Breakout Season

It was following this magical playoff run that Rota was placed on a line with Canucks legends Thomas Gradin and Stan Smyl. He thrived next to these two players as he broke the Canucks’ franchise record for goals with 42. The team was ecstatic that Rota had seemed to find the goalscoring prowess that he had once showed off in junior, yet this individual success did not translate to team success as the Canucks fell in the first round to the Flames.


Rota once again kept that momentum going during the following season, as he was in the midst of another great year when tragedy struck. He was playing so well that he was named to the All-Star Game, the first and only one of his career. However, late that season in a game against the Kings, Rota was checked by Jay Wells and suffered a neck injury. After having scored 73 points in the first 59 games of the season, the injury was a tough break for Rota, but being the warrior he is, he managed to return for the playoffs. That summer, Rota underwent fusion spinal surgery.


Rota continues to be active in the Vancouver community

Rota attempted to make a comeback the next season but the injury made it impossible. While its tragic that a player just finding their stride had their career cut short, Rota is still very active today in the Vancouver community as he can often be seen performing various outreach activities. After his playing career, he stayed involved with the Canucks before eventually moving on to a variety of management positions with junior hockey teams. He will forever be remembered and revered in Vancouver as one of the core pieces that bought that 1982 team of underdogs right to the Stanley Cup Final and showed the league that the Canucks could contend.




  • Vegas LTIR-ed 1/3 of their team and added pretty much every player available ... LONG LIVE THE EVIL EMPIRE!
  • Must Win RIGHT F-ing NOW Avs had the Avs punt a promising D-man to the barren wasteland of Buffalo in exchange for Casey M and added Sean "Johnny" Walker, BD and Yahov Trenin in an effort to bulk up.
  • Winnipeg shat their drawers looking at what Colorado, Vegas and Dallas did, and scoured the barrel for help landing Tyler Toffoli to offset the C/V/D juggernauts.
  • Coilers GM Holland belched out a hearty "hold my beer" and topped Vegas picking up Henrique, Carrick and Troy "plan the parade" Stecher.
  • LA cannonballed into the deep end of the pool by picking up PLD before the season started and made their TDL move early by firing McLellan. "All is good" said Blake and did squat at the actual TDL.

With the CFF Soother-Sucking Trolls poised to shit all over PA/JR no matter what they did, they had to be satisfied with "what no Crosby (see the 5 pages devoted to that rumor) and poor Kessel, he got Rogered but properly by PA (see the 50+ pages devoted to that topic)"


Vancouver stood pat (see what I did there) and did nothing. I for one believe (1) doing anything isn't the same as doing something smart and (2) sometimes your misses are gifts in disguise. With 19 games left before the real season starts, Vancouver is going in with a team on the other side of about 20 trades / moves made by PA/JR since they took over from Jim "I-haven't-seen-an-albatross-contract-I-haven't-liked" Benning.


The Canucks moved, in one form or another:

Out: Kuzmenko, Horfat Wallet, OEL, Bueavillier, Bear, Studnicka, Lazar, Burroughs, Pearson, Pederson, Stillman, Dermott, Lockwood, Delia, Martin, Schenn ... plus some on Abby

Out (Picks): 2024 1st, 2nd, 5th ... 2025 3rd ... 2026 3rd ... 7th ...... oh ya, a 2024 4th that becomes a 3rd if Canucks make it to the 2024 Conference Finals. CONFERENCE FINALS! IF THE CANUCKS MAKE IT TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS WITH THIS GROUP, I ALONG WITH PA/JR/AQUAMAN AND 95% OF CFF POSTERS COULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THIS PICK! GO CANUCKS GO!


In: Joshua, Mikheyev, Suter, Blueger, Lafferty, Cole, Big Zeke, Linholm, Soucy, Fried-Green-Tomatoes, Bains

In (Picks): 2024 6th

Up From Abby: Pizza Delivery Dude, Karlsson, Aman, Raty

In to Abby: movement was made


Signings: Petey, Huggy, JT Miller ... none would have been possible without prudent moves made by PA / JR!


Jets lost to the Kraken at home and rolled into Seattle seeking revenge, and got it. They are looking to keep the winning ways going and improve on their 19-9-3 road record. However, they are about to run into a brick wall that starts with Demko, rolls up through Big Zeke and Soucy and onwards through JT and the rest of the forwards. GO CANUCKS GO!


For the Canucks, well the playoffs start right now and we shall see how PA / JR's strategy of getting them man early to give time for gelling pays off. It starts with a heavyweight at Rogers Place - the Winnipeg Jets. Here are my dates for the "measuring stick" games:


March 9 vs Jets ... March 13 vs Avs ... March 25 vs Kings ... March 28 vs Stars ... Apr 2 @ Knights ... Apr 6 @ Kings ... April 8 vs Knights ..... the Oilers game in April is a booked win for the good guys so who cares.                            


Quote of the day:

Allvin when asked about trade rumors, "I feel bad for those players' names out there. I don't think that's the respect or integrity of the league, and sometimes it's just very unfortunate. There's a guessing game. Yeah, it's not fair".


“He was pretty good,” assessed Tocchet. “There were some good moments. If he holds on to pucks and gets on the forecheck, that’s something we’re looking for.” ... talking about Podz.



You know the drill, BUY A TICKET and go support our Boyz, bring your Signs, VUVUZELAS, Accordians, etc , and see if we can't raise the decibel level to 140dB's. Otherwise go to your local watering hole to support your team and swill some beer.


TV: Sportsnet Pacific, CHC HNIC, CityTV TVA Sports 2

Radio: SportsNet 650

Streaming: lots on various Reddit threads, here are a few sites (results may vary)






By the Numbers


What the Bookies are Saying

  Reveal hidden contents

Jets vs. Canucks Prediction: Who Will Win, Cover the Spread

We have used innovative machine learning and data to simulate the result of Saturday's NHL matchup between the Jets and Canucks 10,000 times, in line with our coverage of NHL picks.

Our popular predictive analytics model currently gives the Canucks a 55% chance of beating the Jets.

According to our model, the Jets (+1.5) have a 65% chance of covering the puck line, while the Over/Under total of 5.5 goals has a 54% chance of going over.

Jets vs. Canucks Odds

We have researched the best betting odds in America for this game, which are listed here:


All odds are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Jets vs. Canucks Picks

Our predictions, matched with the current odds, reveal the top betting picks to make on this game, detailed in our NHL best bets, crafted from expert modeling and analysis:


While the Canucks are more likely to win the game, taking the Jets moneyline is the best option due to the edge identified when comparing our data-led probabilities to the sportsbooks' odds currently available.

Jets vs. Canucks Player Props

Who will score the first goal in Jets vs. Canucks?

According to our model, Vancouver's J.T. Miller is most likely to score the first goal in Jets vs. Canucks.

Our projections give Miller a 7.8% chance of scoring the first goal at Rogers Arena, while the Canucks star is a 35.5% chance of netting an anytime goal.

First Goal Scorer Predictions

Winnipeg Jets





Matchup Info

  Hide contents





Da Roster

  Reveal hidden contents




Tic Toc Still Thinking About the Lineup, Will Be Posted Tomorrow



To be added tomorrow once the lineups go through the sieve




Da Zebras

  Reveal hidden contents



Zebras to be added when known


Now for some fun stuff

Jets - Canucks rough stuff 2/9/95



Amazing job, Rocket , you Rock!  The good news is that in the playoffs we can meet these guys only in the Conference final, and if Canucks make it there, it would be a huge success story itself. This Helly guy looks scary this season+ strong defensive structure. Hope bounces go our way tonight. GCG!

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