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Luongo to go into Ring of Honour


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8 minutes ago, Breadnbutta said:

Well deserved, if for not the contract drama, he would be up in the rafters

Didn't stop Bure's going up. 


Different situation probably due to different owners, long time between the player left and induction etc.  

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5 minutes ago, Rip The Mesh said:

Reckon he has this on his achievements too. I can remember back though and he was extremely nervous. 



Y, but he made the save in OT that then lead to the golden goal.  


I was there.  So nervous my mouth was so dry and couldn't eat.  

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I dunno. Dude definitely was awesome for us. No denying that. RoH makes sense.


Maybe this doesn't matter in the scheme of things, but where does his allegiance lie exactly? I mean lemme put it this way. Hypothetically, if his number were to be retired, what NHL organization do you think he'd be most heartfelt towards. The one he wants to be remembered by. The team he most identifies with. Is it really the Canucks?!?!?!?!??


Perhaps I'm going off topic, but all of the names on our rafters are great players, no arguments there. But not a one is a SC Champion. I realize every team needs their heroes and idols. Really, the only ones that deserved number retirement are the Sedin Twins. Sure they never got the big one, but they sure as hell made an impact in the NHL, let alone on the Canucks. Everyone else on the RoH.


Okay. Luongo on the RoH is fine if one takes into consideration the other names up there on the Ring. That's my say. 

Go Canucks Go!!!!!!

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Time to spice up this thread.


If Bure's number was retired, Lu's should be too. Just retire it for both him and McLean to make people happy.


Both players were top 3 in their positions during their prime in Vancouver and both played for us about the same length of time. Both were part of a single finals run. Lu is just the goalie version of Bure.

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If naslund is in the rafter then luongo should be too because of the criteria. It shouldnt change from player to player. Whether or not to retire a players number in the rafter should be based on their accomplishment on the ice as a player for the team not whether or not he’s a fan favourite and does great community work off the ice. Tbh the minimum requirement to go in the rafter should be either you won a cup with the team.. or is recognized by the league and in the halls of fame.. without either they should just go in the roh ie some of the ones we already have retired. Our bar for the rafter is low but changes depending on if he’s a fan favourite or not

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1 hour ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

We don't have many HoF'ers who recognize the 'nucks as significant to their career, so I'm a bit perplexed why the team doesn't give him the same honours as Bure and the Sedins. 


Exactly this. Sums up how I feel. Glad he's going in and being recognized be he should be getting the rafter treatment. 

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