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[Proposal] Trade Proposal Connor Garland to Washington for Anthony Mantha

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First Question:  would JR / PA have to be drunk to consider this?


Second question: What would have the Canucks have to add to make the following happen:


Washington retains $2M and sends Mantha to the land of the Orca


Canucks send Garland to challenge Ovechkin for the Caps scoring title plus ??


It is a slow day so rather than day drinking, posting this ... not that far off.


Mantha does have size and skill but certainly tailed off a bit on the skill part the last few years. Perhaps a change of scenery and if not, then a 1 year commitment could either be cut loose or offered at TDL depending on where the Canucks are.


Question 3: if the "sweetenener" was a 5th round pick, would you do it?


Asbestos underwear on, flame away.

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  • Rocket-68 changed the title to [Proposal] Trade Proposal Connor Garland to Washington for Anthony Mantha

It isn't so much that Garland is useless out there by any stretch. But there are nearly five million reasons why a GM wouldn't want to trade for him - making moving him difficult. Obviously, management doesn't want to give anything up to do so, and I can't blame them.

Add in the light drama over the past year and a little extra drama starting a couple of days ago, it's a pretty challenging situation all around. I think this is actually a pretty good trade - assuming there is retention to even it out. Supposedly, Mantha has really worked hard in the offseason, and if he could return to form, he could be a real factor. And if not, if nothing else, he's one big feller, which our team could certainly use.

...and he just scored as I submitted this post. 🙂

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