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[PGT] Tampa vs. Vancouver. Tampa wins 4-3

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As a team rebuild feller. They are who I thought they were. A team with 3 good forwards and 2 good D-men and a good goalie. Maybe Miheyev is the magic piece that fixes our issues. Or Ethan Bear. But that feels awfully optimistic to assume a 3rd pair D and a middle 6 forward changes this team too drastically.

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Agreed that Myers sucks. Canucks given only one PP… and the linesman killed our Mojo blocking a key pass on it.. each game we’ve had more penalties than PPs. 
Sucks to have this big road trip to nearly start the season on. We’ll get better. But we still need more size and grit.

Angry Elf needs to get shipped out fast too. 

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Dam Gm Alvin has to stop messing with the lines, I get that he has to showcase garland, but there shouldn’t be two righties on the second line. All garland does is shoot at the goalies Crest to where any momentum dies. Also hockey players that are 5 foot 6 shouldn’t be trying to play a pest, but to show skill if he had any, too easy for him to get hit or push off the puck

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