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[Article] Canucks unveil new Diwali jersey that players won't be allowed to wear


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Canucks unveil new Diwali jersey that players won't be allowed to wear


Noah Strang

Nov 2 2023, 12:18 pm


The Vancouver Canucks have released more details about Diwali Night, including this year’s new logo and jersey design.


The jersey is predominately a lighter shade of blue with a South Asian twist on the Canucks’ flying skate logo prominently featured in the middle. Each shoulder also has a redesigned version of the stick-in-rink Canucks logo.



The players will not be permitted to wear the jersey in warmup as they have done in years past. That is because the NHL banned the use of all special jerseys prior to this season.

There are a few key pillars to the new Diwali Canucks logo, designed by Vancouver-born artist Jessie Sohpaul. A lot of the colours and features of the design were selected to represent different aspects of the holiday.

For example, the lighter colours that envelope the dark base theme of the jersey are representative of the triumph of light over darkness, a message associated with Diwali.


“Diwali is not just for the South Asians. Its message is universal. Because of this, I wanted the design to be more modern and not lean exclusively into typical Diwali themes,” Sophaul explained.


In addition, the logo features two birds: the phoenix and the peacock. The peacock is an animal that is native to South Asia while the phoenix represents renewal, one of the major themes of Diwali.



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Tragic...that is an absolutely gorgeous jersey. I say go for it and wear them. It would be foolish for the NHL to punish a team for celebrating a part of their fanbase's heritage. I would love to bid on a warmup worn jersey...maybe with a 40 or 43 on the back? Maybe even a 9? OK, just about any number is cool by me 🤩

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