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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Leafs, Scotiabank Arean, Nov 11, 4PM PST - Bring your Leaf Blower to the Game Game


What is the biggest surprise of the year so far?  

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  1. 1. What is the biggest surprise of the year so far?

    • Surprise? No surprise here, stunned the Canucks charged out of the gates to 10-2-1
    • Tyler "Da Chaos Giraffe" Meyers hasn't been relegated to the ECHL and in fact is punching above his weight so much, he will have positive value at the TDL if he keeps this up
    • Edmonton "Stanley Cup Contenders" Coilers laid a steaming one on the ice on opening night and have been going down hill since
    • Boeser is #2 in Goal Scoring Behind only Matthews
    • Three Canucks are in the top 10 Points Leaders
    • ... Bah! NONE OF THE ABOVE, see my comment below.

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HOW are Leafs favorites in this game...some times I have to shake my head.


Leafs played a very hard long game today, they are tired and almost blew a 3 goal lead.


Canucks are the hottest team in the NHL, you think they will lose to the Laffs on SNL?

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