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[Fired] Woodcroft is done in Edmonton

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Oilers doing him a favour. Bad times going on in Edmonton these days. We know how it feels the last couple of years it’s been miserable around here in Canuck land. But Edmonton’s poor start is gravy for us. Is it possible that they can still make up enough ground to make the playoffs? 

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Just now, Jeremy Hronek said:

Sutter is actually the first guy that came to my mind.  


Despite the fact that he's an older man now with breasts, I still think he's a pretty good coach.  


I'd actually be a bit concerned as a rival if Sutter went to Edmonton.  


I believe Darryl Sutter was a big reason why none of the Flames wanted to sign extensions last year.  Even after he was gone, it had left such a sour memory for the players.



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