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This whole season seems to beg the Question, What has Tocchet done for this team? Second, did Tocchet make his biggest mistake so far?


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  1. 1. Is Tocchet the right coach for this team

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7 minutes ago, JeremyCuddles said:

His biggest mistake was scratching Kuzy for one too many games? Wow, he's doing better than I thought. 🤔 Do you know what I think? Say he did what you said, and we still lose that last game. Now we have some other rando that thinks he knows better saying "You know what Tocchet's biggest mistake was? Putting Kuzmenko back in after a big win where the team played a great two way game. Scratching Aman who just had a 2 assist night, what a blunder." Kuzmenko has been ass all season. Sitting him for two games is not an issue and it was not the reason we lost that game.

I don't think you understood the post it is the accumulation of Tocchet's inexperience that lead him to that decision.


As a former Hockey player that played BCHL and then US collage Hockey I can tell you from experience of being benched, a player is banging his stick to get back in there to show he belongs.


Nobody, should care what Amen did like I mention in the post he isn't a regular this season Kuz is a first line winger. Just because Amen had two assists doesn't mean he is going to do the same next game. And I guarantee that Kuz is in the line up next game.

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1 minute ago, Strawbone said:

You lost me when you said Tocchet would be at best a bottom 6 player on this team. The guy had 952 points in 1144 games and was as tough as nails. Prime Tocchet would be playing with Petey or Miller on this team. You seem to have a bit of personal bias against him. 

I do think the jury is still out on how good a coach he really is, but this is the best-coached Canucks team I’ve watched in quite a few years. 

I extrapolated he played his prime during the 80s and early 90s

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1 minute ago, CanuckFanForever said:

not click bait answer the question what has Tocchet done for the team? things seem to be going of the rails but that is the question

So far we’re fine a loss is not the end of the world.Imo our coaching is good,if not top tier in the league

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33 minutes ago, Hammertime said:

Maybe the Kuzzi world tour wasn't the best way to prepare for a hockey season?


He was staying fit and came back to Vancouver pretty early.  


I don't think that we should start pointing fingers after a tough 19 game stretch.  He'll come around. 



As for OP, this thread begs the question:  have you been watching this team?  We just finished a very exciting 21 game stretch and I've had a lot of fun as a die-hard fan watching an exciting team that's committed to structure.  Tocchet has implemented accountability and commitment to defense.  It still falters of course, and we have to be realistic:  

We are not a top 5 team in the league. 

We are a 7th-12th team in the league.  


So adjust your expectations. 

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