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What determines Tocchet's success, For this season?


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  1. 1. What determines Tocchet's Success

    • Playoffs and first round exit
    • Playoffs and second round exit
    • Playoffs and third round exit
    • Playoffs and forth round exit
    • Playoffs and Stanley Cup

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Making the playoffs was the main goal from the onset. So if they do, regardless of the playoff result, this season is a success for both Tocchet and the club.

IMO they could make it to the third round with luck. But I’d be happy to see even just first round action.



BTW, I voted the first option…

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After 3 abysmal years with all the circuses we've had to endure, the objective was clear. Make the playoffs. That's it. That's what JR and PA will consider a successful season for RT. It's not wasted time by any means, as the players will have familiarized themselves with the system that much more, and some younger players will get exposed to the grittier playstyle that is playoff hockey; Hoglander, Joshua, PDG, and any potential call up like McWard, McDonough, Hirose, Johanssen, Podkolzin... 


Our contention window starts now but it's quite a big window, as most of our core are just entering their primes. No need to have too much pressure on this year. 

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It's not this cut and dry....it depends a lot on who's healthy/not. Injuries are part of the game and if our studs are out, our chances clearly diminish....that's not the coach's fault.


It's a no i in team deal....coach and the players are responsible for the performance. I hate always needing to pinpoint a scapegoat which is what this leads to. I know coaches often take the brunt when a team struggles, but it's not always all on them. They're just the casualties.


I feel Rick's got just the right balance of tough love and connection with his players. I like him and think he's doing a great job.

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Playoffs.    And winning some home games.   To give the fans a taste.   And the players too.   Won't likely have an easy team, either COL, Vegas, Dallas or LA.    Anything more is a bonus.    That's with the roster we have right now.     Some home games for sure is a chance to win a series.   

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For this season to be a success they need to be competitive in the playoffs.  This is barring health of the key core players, for the most part.  Tocchet seems to have them playing a good system finally.  Hopefully the system holds through the entire season, not like the Tort's season where the wheels feel off (IMO, Tocchet's system is more sustainable than Torts').

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For me, they have to make the playoffs and then see how they respond there.


If they are engaged, physically and up their battle levels to meet playoff intensity, that's my expectation.


If they get rolled over and don't respond in a JT fn Miller way, then something's gotta give. They all have to buy in with that level of intensity and desire to win. 


Did you see him miss that tying goal/shot? Wears his heart on his sleeve and every player better be that invested WHEN we do hit the playoffs. No rest until it's over. Do or die attitude every shift.

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Successful Season for me + preparing for next season.


1. 2nd round appearance (so, this answers the Tocchet question).

2. Sign both Pettersson and Hronek to long term 7-8 year deals in the off-season.

3. Do not blow up the farm or trade multiple young assets to make a push this year.  We're not ready yet.  Having said that, I probably *would* trade Willander and Garland in a "hockey deal" to land a legit #2A/#3 defenseman like Rasmus Andersson, but that's the only deal I would make.  

4. Let Myers and Beauvillier walk in the off-season, and use a bulk of that freed up money to sign Pettersson and Hronek to long term extensions.  7-8 year deals; NOT 3-4.  

5. One or more of Raty, Podkolzin, Silovs, and Lekkerimaki can be interjected into the line-up next season if they are ready.  Ditto for guys like Hirose and Aman.  Keep all of these guys on our team.  

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