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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Carolina Hurricanes, Rogers Arena, Dec 9, 7PM - Da Let's Break Winsy-Losey Streak and Smash-em Bash-em Game


Management Not Done Tinkering  

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  1. 1. What should JR & PA do next? Multiple Choice Allowed - Players in brackets are my personal opinion and can be ignored / substituted for in comments - nod to TheGuardian

    • Nothing, other than plan the Stanley Cup Parade route!
    • Hughes - ??? ... Honker / Big Zeke ... ... FIND HUGGY A PARTNER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
    • Package up Kuz and Myers for a top Six Forward (Pavel Buchnevich) and draft pick(s)
    • Don't trade Kuz for less than a king's ransom, BUT package up Garland / Meyers for picks and bring up Podz, sign Bear
    • Trade Petey for a top prospect (NHL ready) and / or (Nylander) plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd ... to TO .. will need a third team involved to make work
    • ... HAHAHA ... you funny, all above suck (especially Petey to TO - what has he done to deserve such a fate) ... see my comment below
  2. 2. Do the Canucks extend Big Zeke aka Zek aka Zack aka Bobby

    • No, Zeke-Zek-Zack doesn't want to play in Vancouver after much mulling over and walks into Free Agency
    • No, Zeke wanted to be paid more than Huggy so he gets jettisoned at the TDL for a Kings Ransom (from TO of all places - recall what brackets mean)
    • Yes, for about $4.5 - 5M annual but less than 6 years
    • Yes, not sure on length but will be between $5 - 6M
    • Yes, for 7 or 8 years in the $4.25M plus / minus $250,000 annually
    • ... none of the above, see my thoughts in comments below

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5 minutes ago, Goal_thecup said:

You've got your hero and I have mine.

Thankfully the Canucks have both!


What a great day.  Canucks on TV, fire on, chores done, so, c'mon,


My chores aren't yet done and I'm going to the game so I might just set stuff on fire instead. Be faster.


I hate when we play teams that have lost a few in a row...they always come out hungry. Hope the team gets off to a better start. 

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28 minutes ago, -dlc- said:

Woohoo! My brother just invited me to the game....a belated birthday outing. STOKED!!!!


Congrats and enjoy the game. Post a pic or two live from the arena if you can swing it.

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Final little stat tidbit


When Pettey scores a goal the canucks are 7-1. When Hughes scores also 7-1 record.


Miller scores, canucks record is 8-5-1, Boeser scores, 8-3.


More interesting in how vital scoring besides the miller line is this year i.e. we need more pettey or need quinn to do everything and score

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