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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Dallas Stars // December 21, 2023


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Good game from the third line, but man the 3 other forward lines were tough to watch tonight.


Not a lot of consistency from the top 2 lines. Petey and Miller aren't asserting themselves in games lately - we need more from those lines but particularly from those two guys.  Can't keep relying on the Garland line to sustain pushes and pressure.

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Just now, thesauce said:

Shouldn’t have lost this game but deserved to for that awful OT. Forget zone possession, you gotta be clinical on a 2-0. Petey had no room on that one, one more pass and would’ve gone home with an extra point. 


Dakota been hot, should have shot it.  


It's ok.  Move on.  Long road trip, got results in every game 

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3rd line was brilliant the whole game, best players of the game all 3 of them. 


Petey was frustrating to watch. Constantly falling, missing pucks, gave a way too early pass to Joshua on that 2 on 0. 


4th line was horrible, constantly got trapped for a long time in our zone. 


JT's line was solid. 


Demko had a pretty tough game. I count at least two if not three goals that he would like back I'm sure. 

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