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[MAFIA] Invite to Mafia Champs (Season 11)

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Jeeeeez, that seems like 5 minutes ago I was in that game, thats silly that was almost a year ago already!! I would highly recommend anybody to take part in this.. there are lots of flexibility options to get a game that suits your timezone/intensity (The game I was in last year had a 24 hour break for one of the rounds if I recall as well.)  The game's are very busy but if you can commit to a couple hours a day you'll be more than fine imo, you don't need to be living and breathing the game around the clock.


It was really cool to mix with other players from across the globe and come across completely different playstyles. Honestly, if you enjoy these games, get yourself involved in this! 🙂

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3 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

@PeteyBOI can you confirm you're still interested in participating in this? If so I'll pass your name/Discord along to the organisers?


@112 you good with backing our boi up?


ye 🙂

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Posted (edited)
On 4/8/2024 at 5:21 PM, PeteyBOI said:

I mean i should do it... but I sont anything about the game... when 

Like when it is? There will be 120 players across 8 games, so those 8 games will be spread across May/June. You'll get to give your preferences and the organisers create game times/EoD times/phase lengths based on everyone's preferences so that you'll get something agreeable.


It's mainly about getting a chance for people from different Mafia backgrounds to get together and have fun. There's also an ongoing spec chat of dozens of other people watching and commenting on the games. It's great entertainment for everyone.


But if you're not into it don't worry! I'm sure 112 can step up.

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