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[Discussion] Value of Chris Tanev

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There was a lot of Tanev talk leading up to the deadline, but there's been plenty of Tanev talk since. I've seen folks penciling him into our lineup for as low as 3M, occasionally less, which admittedly seems both very low and unrealistic to me. 


Which begs to the question, if Tanev were to actually make it to UFA (which isn't a guarantee, he may extend in Dallas), what's his market value? 


If he does make it to UFA there will be no shortage of interest despite the fact that Tanev will be 35 in December. Sure, any interested team will likely be looking to sign him short-term, but the man is a defensive savant. 


Ottawa was rumoured to be very interested, they've bled goals this season and he's exactly the sort of D they should be targeting. Tanev's from Toronto, if Ottawa can move out cap I could very well seem them as a team who is willing to overpay. Ottawa offering Tanev 5M for 2-3 years wouldn't surprise me. 


Tanev's also exactly what Toronto could use, and as I mentioned, Tanev's from Toronto. Toronto has a few larger D commitments expiring this offseason in Brodie, Muzzin, and Klingberg, they'll be looking to sign D. 


Dallas may very well try to retain him, I argued leading up to the deadline that their primary weakness was top 4RD and clearly they agreed. With Pavelski, Benn, and Seguin not getting any younger they're a team who will try and get a cup sooner than later. They're as good a team as any for Tanev to sign with, and they have the beneficial tax thing going for them. 


The Oilers supposedly took a run at trying to acquire him, offering up a 1st, Calgary opted to send him to Dallas. If defense is what has the Oil booted sooner than later I could see them looking to try and bring him in again. 


All that being said, I have a hard time seeing him not being able to at least get his current 4.5M from a team with cup aspirations. Possibly more, so long as the term is short. He may not have wanted to leave Van in the first place, but I'm not convinced he's looking to take a significant pay cut to return the way some folks think he would. This will likely be his last deal. What say you? Where do you have his value pegged at when considering he'll likely be a hot commodity? 

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So not being 35 is a bonus contract wise, so he has a good chance at a 3 or 4 year term from someone imo if its an all salary (ie no bonus) deal. So we might have an advantage by risking bonus cash and making him harder to buy out or trade. 


It probably requires us to go at least 3, and pretty good bonus money to land him, assuming he even wants to be back here.


3, years, 10 mil total deal with 5 mil bonus? or 4 years, 12 mil, 6 mil bonus money?

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I expect he won't get longer than a two-year deal given his age as he's likely to start declining sharply pretty soon. He's always been a great skater, but that will probably begin to change in the coming year or two.


On a short-term deal, I see his range as probably $4M-$5.5M.


He's very likely an upgrade over Myers if we want him for two years at the 2RD spot. Would be an easy choice if it lines up.

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57 minutes ago, I.Am.Ironman said:

Zadorov - Tanev would be a great pairing

Juulsen has really earned a spot in next years top 6 and at very little money.

That makes it easier at least. 

Definitely would like to see Zadorov back and love both Tanev brothers. 
Hope Hronek’s money isn’t too crazy so we can make some of it happen. 

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Has Tanev expressed an interest in returning to Vancouver?


tI mean there was a story reported (true or not) that QH asked management about trading for Tanev.


But has anyone seen a quote from Tanev stating that he wants to come back?




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