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[Article] Mikheyev leaves camp due to personal reasons


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  • The Vancouver Canucks announcedthat Ilya Mikheyev has left training camp for personal reasons. The Canucks acquired Mikheyev in advance of last season. He scored 13 goals and 28 points in 46 games with the club, although an ACL injury ended his season early. While his departure from camp doesn’t seem connected to that injury, it does add to the anticipation that Canucks fans face in waiting for Mikheyev’s return.




Live from Canucks training camp: Ilya Mikheyev is not here


Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023


On Wednesday, Canucks general manager Patrik Allvin said Ilya Mikheyev would indeed join his teammates on ice to start 2023 training camp, but would be in a non-contact jersey to start, likely with the first group of the day.


But when the Canucks hit the ice on Thursday morning, he was nowhere to be seen.


The Canucks later announced Mikheyev had left camp for personal reasons.


Mikheyev’s agent Dan Milstein downplayed his departure, saying simply that “everything is fine.”





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I won't think anything of this.  Family, personal health any number of reasons.  He could still be injured to the point that playing and hard practice is bagging him.


But vancouver media will not doubt spin this in the sense that he is dying, addicted to pills and drinking wants out hates Vancouver is going to Russia unless he's traded or some such nonsense

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Since his rookie year (which I'll assume he wasn't injured for and was just a scratch due to being a rookie), Mikeheyev has averaged 51 games per season in three years. He makes Salo look like an iron man. Assuming this is just a short-term thing, I'm not concerned.


That said, I still expect him to get injured again at some point during the year. His career high is 54 games played, so we should celebrate if he gets 55.

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16 minutes ago, NucksRuleYou said:


Personal reasons don't mean injuries. Enough with the ridiculous takes.

I didn't say he was injured.


It was a bad signing due to the high salary. Leading to more cap troubles. Don't be surprised when we're paying someone to take him in a couple years.

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Dang it. Why can't we have just one training camp without the bumps.

I hope to hell it isn't something to do with Putin's stupid war. Some relatives in trouble in Russia etc...

A 'personal' issue this close to pre-season is kinda troubling. We really need him this season from the get-go in top physical and mental condition too.

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