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[Speculation] Chiarelli in Ottawa

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Could long-time NHL executive Peter Chiarelli be on the move again? 

Long-time Senators reporter Brent Wallace reported on his podcast recently (video link) that Chiarelli has moved to Ottawa and is likely to join the Sens in some capacity.  He actually started his career with Ottawa as their Director of Legal Relations before moving to Boston and later Edmonton as their GM.  Chiarelli has spent the last four seasons in St. Louis, the last two of which were as their Vice President of Hockey Operations.  Wallace notes that Chiarelli has ties to new owner Michael Andlauer whose purchase was formally approved on Thursday.  He has already made one front office hire in bringing back Cyril Leeder and it looks like more could soon be coming.


September 23rd, 2023 at 12:55pm CST • By Brian La Rose



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21 hours ago, RWJC said:

Chiarelli has moved to Ottawa and is likely to join the Sens in some capacity

Well in all fairness it does say it's a job "to some capacity" . They are building a new rink, construction issues coming. 

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