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The Brock Boeser shoulder shake


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5 minutes ago, Hammertime said:

Is that when he's trying to avoid contact?

I’m talking about the little shoulder shrug he does after every stop in play or before a face off. 
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9 minutes ago, NucksNation said:

LOL. Drives me nuts. Do his shoulder pads not fit properly or something? 


Probably a twitch or something. I have tons of little twitches and things like this.

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17 minutes ago, Grandmaster said:

I actually hate it when he does that. It’s usually followed up by a gimme that he ought to have put away!

Or when there’s a big scuffle going on after a whistle, and everyone is pairing up, giving out facewashes, and he’s just standing there like…

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Some players have little on ice habits to make them feel comfortable and confidents. What’s such a big deal on Brock’s shoulders shake? We have seen other players odd little habits over the years and never make a big deal out of it. Let’s talk about Luongo’s exasperation gestures every time he let in a goal. Eddie Lack’s odd flexing postures before getting into his positioning before the puck drop. Holtby’s spritzing his drink out of his mouth, or his hair flip before putting his mask on. Wayne Gretzky’s half of his jersey tucking in his pant. Fleury stick taps/patting his posts and speaking in French. Patrick Kane chewing out his mouth guard to death like a piece of gum?  


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