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Pointless facts about yourself


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Welcome to the pointless facts thread! Post a pointless fact about yourself in this thread! It can be something that happened to you today, or just a super meaningless fact, as long as it's something involving you. It can be funny, but please try to keep it clean!


I will start things off!


I went ice skating yesterday and there was a song that played on the radio on my way to the rink, and then again at the rink while I was skating.

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I have a habit of buying groceries in '2s'

Always having a backup on hand. I have always done this. Can't explain it.


I am legally blind in my left eye.


I was an extra in the 2013 Sci-fi 'B' movie 'Stonados' shot in Victoria and got a decent amount of camera time!

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Just now, DrJockitch said:

Once when I was hitchhiking through the interior I got into the second fastest truck on Merritt (and I survived).


woah hey hitchhiking bro. i used to hitchhike sometimes. fun times.

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I stopped following the Canucks for the duration of the time Linden was traded away.  I found out about his return to Vancouver while staying at my buddy's apartment when I visited him in Montreal.  I seem to recall there was also a plane crash during that stay.  People were hyper-tense about the hijackings earlier in the year.  That was also the same trip when we made the trip to Ottawa to observe the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

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19 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:


I shook Jake Virtanen’s hand once. I may need a new hand now as I think my body is beginning to reject it. It sucks because it’s my right hand and I need to use it. I’ve been tense for too long. I have to unload my burdens and release all of this negative energy. 

I would have cut that damn thing off....... and I'm right handed.

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On 10/13/2023 at 9:14 AM, PhillipBlunt said:

I've heard sasquatches communicating twice in my life. Once on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, and way up near Blind Bay in Harrison. 


I thought I did once but I am pretty sure it was  bull Sea Lion. 


Their roar is f'ing awesome. I now live waterfront near log booms with Sea Lions, so I hear them nightly. When the boys roar, it sounds like Kaiju or the Kraken rising. Just a great big sound. 


At least I think its the boys, maybe its just a growl that they can all do...usually they are just barking..."ork! ork! ork! ork!"


This vid is kinda like it but I cant find one with the big sounds I hear a lot.





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